In five years, 39 million home care and personal / social robots a year will be shipped, and almost 79 million homes around the world will have robots in them, predicts a new report from ABI Research.

Robotic capabilities will be particularly useful for older adults who are aging in place or for ambient assisted living end-users, according to the report. (Ambient assisted living tools are designed to be sensitive and responsive to the presence of people.)

“Robotic device start-ups such as Intuition Robotics and Blue Frog Robotics already target the AAL market with devices that can integrate with smart home systems,” according to ABI Research.

“While home care robots release residents from time-consuming and repetitive tasks, social robots offer the potential to further extend into physically interacting in homes and the individuals within them in ways that can go beyond monitoring into the realm of kinship and socialization,” said Jonathan Collins, smart home research director at the research company.

Amazon and Google are positioned well to lead in social robot advances because artificial intelligence and voice recognition are the basis of their Alexa and Assistant platforms, which are already popular, the report authors stated.