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Fewer investors plan to put their money into senior housing and retirement communities this year, suggests a newly released report from CBRE.

Last year, 32% of survey respondents said they were “actively pursuing” investments in senior housing as a “real estate alternative,” according to “Americas Investors Intentions Survey, 2019.” This year, interest is at 29%.

CBRE said the 2018 statistics included investors who weren’t pursing real estate alternatives so are lower, however.

Even with less interest in 2019 than in 2018, only real estate debt topped retirement living / senior housing in interest among survey respondents, with 52% of investors indicating that their plans include real estate debt, up from 51% last year.

Poll participants were permitted to choose several options.

Interest in self-storage was at the same level as senior housing, with 29% of respondents indicating an intention to invest in that area. That amount was a 5% increase over last year, however.

Student housing came in just behind senior housing as an area of interest, with 28% of respondents indicating investment plans in that area, up from 27% last year.

Investment managers and institutional investors are more likely to pursue such real estate alternatives compared with other types of investors, according to report.

CBRE said almost 300 investors focused on the Americas were surveyed.