The owner of an Oklahoma residential care home faces up to 170 years in prison and $170,000 in fines for allegedly exploiting 17 older adults in his care.

Randy Joe McKinney, owner of the Golden Life Residential Care home in Bluejacket, OK, is charged with stealing more than $63,000 from residents. “I’ll be OK at the end of the day,” he told McKnight’s Senior Living.

“We’ll give it two to three weeks’ time, and I think we’ll be OK at the end of the day,” McKinney added.

After being released on $50,000 bond, the senior living owner allegedly threatened victims and attempted to bribe, intimidate or influence residents and staff at the facility, according to Public Radio Tulsa.

According to the June 9 charging document alleging exploitation of elderly persons or disabled adults, a financial exploitation complaint filed by Adult Protective Services launched an investigation by the Oklahoma Attorney General’s Office Medicaid Fraud Control Unit and the Oklahoma Long Term Care Facility Advisory Board. 

The advisory board concluded that McKinney “failed to protect residents” from exploitation and that he removed funds from the accounts of residents beyond their contractual payments. When confronted about $22,000 allegedly exploited from one resident, McKinney “stated that he had ‘borrowed’ the money” and wrote a check to pay it back, according to the charging document. 

The AG office investigator found that the majority of residents had their funds deposited into a single account managed by McKinney. After an extensive review of documents, the AG investigation concluded that the dollar amount of exploitation from residents through unauthorized rate increases totaled $63,007.71. 

McKinney also allegedly wrote checks to other businesses he owned, and he reportedly did not have documentation to support that funds were used to benefit residents, according to the attorney general’s office.