An East Troy, WI-based health IT company is the first assisted living-focused group to earn federal certification for its software, enabling senior living communities to share data with states and peers to fight COVID-19 — and future pandemics.

Extended Care Professional software, a compliance software platform used by more than 2,000 senior living communities, earned certification from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of the National Coordinator of Health Information Technology. 

The voluntary certification program for health IT includes technical and interoperability requirements, in-the-field surveillance expectations, and cost transparency and disclosure requirements.

ECP’s electronic medication administration records and electronic health records are used in assisted living communities, group homes and settings for intellectually and developmentally disabled individuals around the world. 

ECP CEO Adam Aisen said the ONC certification will help communities share data with other systems, including state health information networks, to help improve the quality of care and allow for more data-driven and outcome-focused decision-making.

“ONC certification will also help ECP customers comply with evolving regulations requiring greater data-sharing with public health authorities to assist with coordinating response to future pandemics,” Aisen said.

New Jersey recently became the first state to require its long-term care communities — including  assisted living and memory care communities —  to use ONC-certified software and connect to a state health information exchange. ECP said it expects other states to follow suit, “disrupting a senior living industry that has historically been slower in adopting clinical technology.”

“ONC certification applies nationally,” ECP Compliance Specialist Nicole Shelton said. “As the last year has demonstrated, effective collaboration between long-term care providers and public health officials is crucial to effective responses to public health crises.”