The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services Division of Medicaid and Long-Term Care has launched a long-term care redesign project.

concept paper released as part of the launch outlines the current challenges in the LTSS system and the division’s guiding principles for the redesign, and it solicits input from stakeholders in several areas. Over the next year, the division will work with LTSS stakeholders to explore opportunities for improving the LTSS system.

“The redesign project offers us the opportunity to work collaboratively to evaluate the current system … what works, what does not and what needs improvements,” Calder Lynch, director of the division, said in a statement. “From there, we will work together to develop a system to best serve the needs of Nebraskans.”

The LTC redesign project will focus on improving Medicaid LTSS service delivery, although the department also is seeking recommendations for other DHHS-administered programs, including the State Unit on Aging.