Closeup of woman texting on cell phone
A new mobile app is available to help manage senior family members’ care plans. (Credit: Westend61 / Getty Images)

Virtual health platforms have been touted as ways to ease the administrative load of caregivers in long-term care facilities, but digital tools also can be a boon for families as well. 

A platform that specializes in at-home support for older adults, HealthiPeople, announced the release of its first mobile app this week. 

The app, Kinary, is designed to be a mobile assistant to help families have access to and manage their loved ones’ care plans. The app lets users plan daily activities, manage medication delivery and track vital signs.

Allowing family members to take part in the care of their loved one may be vital for older adults living at home, but it actually can benefit senior living and care residents as well by easing the overall care burden, especially for residents living with dementia. That is part of the concept behind proposed rules on caregiver training from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid, McKnight’s Senior Living has reported. 

HealthiPeople is aimed at patients who have chronic conditions; although that can mean younger people with long-term ailments, chronic disease burdens primarily affect older adults, with 80% of them dealing with at least one chronic disease. 

“The family caregiver experience is broken and unsustainable, burdened by emotional, physical and financial strains that hinder future generations from providing care,” HealthiPeople CEO Rohit Maheshwari said in a statement. “With Kinary, you can effortlessly manage the daily care of your loved ones while maintaining a sense of satisfaction in your own life.”