A Plate with word Medicaid and a stethoscope.
A new tool will assist with Medicaid reimbursement compliance. (Credit: designer491 / Getty Images)

A new software application for Medicaid reimbursement will help healthcare providers and facilities, experts say.

The tool is meant to assist providers in complying with the new Minimum Data Set 3.0 version 1.18.11, details of which were finalized by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services at the end of August.

The software, CMI-Connect, was developed by consulting firm Zimmet Healthcare Services Group. The company announced the launch of the software last week.

The product will help providers analyze and monitor case-mix indexes for patients, adjusted to where they are located.

“In the ever-evolving healthcare landscape, characterized by varying state regulations and dynamics, making cross-state comparisons can be a complex endeavor,” a company spokesperson said in a statement. “CMI-Connect allows users to oversee all aspects of skilled nursing’s fragmented reimbursement equation.”

The CMS final version of the new MDS includes 60 adjustments made to an initial draft document, which originally was released in April.  

With the new CMS compliance regulations set to go into effect Sunday, many providers are scrambling to adjust their policies and training. Software companies are doing their part to push out new tools to help them. 

Zimmet, for example, hosted a webinar earlier this month for providers to review best practices and consider system changes to prepare for the new regulations.

Among the other companies that have created new programs, there is data software company ActualMeds, which released its new service, InConcert, this month. It was designed to help make sure patients’ medication listings are up to date.

Beyond just the CMS regulations, senior care and other healthcare organizations have made a major push to incorporate software and artificial intelligence that help automate administrative processes and ease caregivers’ and clinicians’ workloads.