Nurse in blue scrubs checks older woman using stethoscope

A new partnership enabled by tech innovations will provide expanded home health urgent services for patients in the Georgia-based Emory Healthcare system.

Emory has teamed with DispatchHealth, one of a growing number of in-home care providers that offer an alternative to walk-in clinics or hospital visits. 

For their elderly patients, DispatchHealth cites falling, digestive issues and cognitive impairments as some of the most common ailments they respond to.

DispatchHealth currently operates in 21 states and touts services of “top rated medical teams” to arrive within a few hours of a patient’s requesting a visit, for injuries and illnesses ranging from viral infections to congestive heart failure.

DispatchHealth CEO Mark Prather, MD, has noted that technology advancements have allowed for high-acuity care to take place within patients’ homes, at a much lower cost than a hospital.

In addition to same-day high-acuity care, DispatchHealth’s services also include follow-up visits after a hospitalization, within 72 hours of discharge, or a “bridge” between hospital visits within 48 hours, the press release states.

The partnership will allow a variety of Emory’s hospital services, including Acute Care, Bridge Care and ED, to be available to patients in the Atlanta region, the company press release states. DispatchHealth brings “the power of the hospital to the comfort of home,” with a variety of diagnostic tools, x-rays and IV infusions.

At least one of DispatchHealth’s partners, Conduit Health Services, reported an overwhelming customer satisfaction with their services, 95.8%, earlier this month.

DispatchHealth has announced several partnerships to expand a home health trend over the past year. Last month, it announced a deal with virtual care provider Included Health; a spokeswoman for the latter said at the time that in the near future, initial care assessments could all take place virtually.