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In its continuing efforts to transform its pandemic response into cultural and operational changes, LCS is rolling out a new initiative under its EverSafe 360° program to provide healthcare services to residents after hours.

EverSafe 360° Telemedicine provides access to healthcare services after hours, on weekends and holidays to residents in senior living communities managed by Des Moines, IA-based Life Care Services. 

The program, a partnership between LCS and Tacoma, WA-based Sound Physicians, allows residents greater access to healthcare from their homes rather than leaving a community for a trip to the hospital. If a resident becomes ill after hours, the only option in many cases was a transport to the emergency department, which results in increased medical bills and exposure to other health risks, according to Blake Gillman, LCS vice president of post-acute care services. 

Through EverSafe 360° Telemedicine, a Sound Physicians doctor attends a video conference and works directly with an on-site healthcare professional. The healthcare professional takes vital signs, conducts the examination and confers with the doctor virtually through a tablet or other handheld device. After the examination, the physician can prescribe a treatment plan, all without the resident leaving his or her home.

“Senior care is undergoing a digital evolution,” said Rick Exline, executive vice president / senior managing director of life plan communities for LCS. “Video connectivity is playing a critical role in the everchanging care delivery model. With regulatory changes and increased medical costs, telemedicine will deliver a best-in-class solution to residents by providing real-time care and services that offer convenience, quality and affordability.”

Brendan McNamara, Sound Physicians telemedicine CEO, said that communities managed by LCS can receive the same “on-demand physician services” as its hospital customers.

EverSafe 360° Telemedicine is the third component of LCS’ Eversafe 360° program that was designed to go beyond the pandemic and enhance the senior living experience, Exline said. The first two components included the creation of a medical advisory board and a resident assistance program called Engage.  

EverSafe 360° initiatives are overseen by the seven-member medical advisory board of medical, academic and healthcare professionals who advise on the latest health and wellness technologies, innovations and practices for senior living communities managed by Life Care Services. Board members specialize in epidemiology, mental health, infectious diseases and indoor air quality.

Board members include Roy S. Rogers III, M.D., a retired physician who lives in a community managed by Life Care Services; Jamison Feramisco, M.D., Ph.D., founding president and chair of Apri Health; Joseph N.S. Eisenberg, Ph.D., an infectious disease researcher; Shishir V. Shah, D.O., a wound care specialist; Chantal Walsh, M.D., a certified medical director;  Stephanie Taylor, M.D., a healthcare engineer; and Elliott Kroger, M.D., an internal medicine specialist.

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