A new ranking of the top states for retirees doesn’t consider weather, but states known for warm weather didn’t rank the highest among states on the list.

The list of “best and worst U.S. states for retirees” by Blacktower Financial Management considered population aged 60 or more years, life expectancy, cost of living, average property prices and crime.

Overall, given these factors, Blacktower said the top states for retirees were Iowa (No. 1), Minnesota, Vermont, Wisconsin and Nebraska. States scoring the lowest on Blacktower’s ratings were Louisiana, Maryland, California, Hawaii and Alaska (No. 50).

The highest-ranking warm-weather state was Florida, in the No. 9 position.

Regarding individual factors, Blacktower ranked the states as follows:

  • Population aged 60 or more years — Smallest: Utah; Largest: Maine
  • Life expectancy — Lowest: Mississippi; Highest: Hawaii
  • Cost of living — Lowest: Mississippi; Highest: Hawaii
  • Average property prices — Lowest: West Virginia; Highest: Hawaii
  • Crime — Lowest: Maine; Highest: Alaska

See the whole list here.