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Just like last year, 2021 was dominated by the coronavirus. So also like 2020, it’s not surprising that COVID-19 popped up more than once as a topic of our most-read columns this year when we examined analytics related to website visitors, newsletter readers and social media followers and friends. But other topics arose, too.

The list below details some of our most popular columns that were posted and read between Jan. 1 and Dec. 21. Here’s a chance to revisit those columns or read them for the first time.

• Most-read column by Editorial Director John O’Connor:

Before the fall

John O'Connor
John O’Connor

Recent trends related to falls among older adults should alarm senior living operators, O’Connor said in this March 18 column. Fortunately, he wrote, operators can b proactive in reducing fall risks and their consequences. Even if residents aren’t thankful, O’Connor said, insurers, attorneys and the bottom line will.

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• Most-read column by Editor Lois A. Bowers:

Vaccine advice from your peers

Lois A. Bowers

As 2021 began, Bowers wrote that many were viewing the vaccine as a gift of sorts, a solution to end the months of extra safety precautions and social isolation that everyone has endured. But if staff members or residents remain leery, she said in this Jan. 4 column, fellow operators have some suggestions to alleviate their concerns.

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• Most-read guest column:

Is It COVID-19 or a blood clot? Important distinguishing symptoms to know

Lana Castellucci headshot
Lana Castellucci, M.D., FRCPC, MSc

Our familiarity and alertness to the signs and symptoms of COVID-19 can make residents and patients susceptible to misdiagnosis in cases where another ailment shares similar symptoms, such as blood clots, Lana Castellucci, M.D., FRCPC, MSc, wrote in this May 24 guest column. She is an assistant professor in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Ottawa and a scientist at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute in Canada.

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• Most-read marketplace column:

Rethinking the dining chair for an aging population

Scott Cyre headshot
Scott Cyre

A traditional dining chair is not designed to accommodate the needs of someone with reduced mobility, nor is it helpful to the person standing behind the chair, Scott Cyre wrote in this Sept. 9 marketplace column. He is the director of education and communication for ComforTek Seating, a chair manufacturing company located both in Lethbridge, Alberta, and Victoria, VA.

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