AmeriPride recognizes ‘hygienically clean’ laundries

AmeriPride Services’ Watkinsville, GA, Springfield, MO, and Minneapolis locations each have earned a Hygienically Clean Healthcare certification.

The certification emphasizes infection prevention, compliance with recognized industry standards, and processing healthcare textiles according to quality assurance standards. To maintain their certification, a laundry must pass quarterly testing to ensure that as laundry conditions change, such as water quality, textile fabric composition and wash chemistry, laundered product quality is consistently maintained. Re-inspection occurs every two to three years. 

AmeriPride now has 13 Hygienically Clean Healthcare certified facilities throughout the United States.

Alliance Laundry Systems displays its advanced washers 

Alliance Laundry Systems recently unveiled a new generation of washers featuring touchscreen controls and full connectivity options for select Primus and IPSO models, the company recently announced on its website. 

The touchscreen control platform offers versatility for vended laundry customers but also helps reduce touchpoints. Touchscreen interfaces on XControl FLEX (Primus) and Evolis (IPSO) models enable customers to tailor cycles with features such as extra washes, rinses and special cycles such as sanitization. The result is customers gain greater control of their level of cleanliness — vital during the pandemic — through onscreen prompts and options, and store owners increase profitability with upsell high value-added options.

In addition, connectivity through laundry management systems i-Trace (Primus) and IPSO Connect gives laundromat owners even greater control to run their business at the lowest possible cost of ownership. In-house laundry managers in a variety of facilities will appreciate the touchscreen as well. Thirty-four language options and real-word descriptions of cycles ensure staff members can effectively operate the machines to obtain quality results.