Architects are giving wellness greater emphasis as they design senior living environments, according to a recent article in Architectural Digest.

“The senior living space has been particularly negatively affected by the pandemic,” said architect Heidi Wang. She said that the new approach has been influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic
“We know that safety and health are now top of mind for everyone who is a part of senior living communities” she added.

Furniture prices rose sharply in April as the nation’s stimulus-fueled economy continued to rebound. In fact, almost all major components of the government’s inflation measure increased during April, the Bureau of Labor Statistics found.

Overall, April consumer prices rose by 4.2% from a year earlier. This marked the highest 12-month increase in more than a decade.

Former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers said he is concerned about recent spending increases under President Biden. Current Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, however, countered that inflation remains under control, and that the federal government has numerous tools it can use to prevent a surge.

Home Instead recently made $30,000 available for local franchises to donate to senior living organizations.

The United States is well-equipped to provide more home- and community-based care, a public policy expert recently told an audience of senior living operators.

“There is untapped opportunity for more home- and community-based care,” said Stuart Butler, a senior fellow in economic studies at The Brookings Institution.

Such a shift would have major technology and design implications for operators. “We have the ability to make it safer for people to age in their own homes, to have medical care in their own homes, to have smart homes,” he added.