closeup of hands using a digital tablet for a report
A new digital tool involves tackles a broad slate of LTC needs including remote monitoring and resident occupancy. (Credit: dowell / Getty Images)

As virtual care and telehealth options have remained valuable in post-pandemic times, companies are developing more tech tools aimed exclusively at the senior living market. 

One such platform, Savoy Life, has created a bundle of digital products for assisted living, including tools aimed at increasing resident occupancy, remote sensor monitoring and virtual care coordination. 

Savoy Life received $3 million from incubation firm Red Cell Partners this fall, the companies announced. 

The platform’s three inaugural tools include:

  • Savoy On-Demand, intended to make the resident occupancy and move-in process more efficient for long-term care operators.
  • Savoy Clarity, which works with artificial intelligence and sensors to help identify resident risks, such as falling, and make care recommendations.
  • Savoy Care, designed to address care coordination and delivery needs of residents.

“With more than 10,000 seniors aging into Medicare every day and access to primary care services on the decline, it is critical that we devise and deploy innovative solutions that address the growing demands on our already strained healthcare system,” Grant Verstandig, Red Cell founder and CEO, said in a statement

The need for expanded care options, particularly in rural areas, is something that many in both healthcare and government, including President Biden, have called for over the past few months. 

Currently, Savoy Life is in use in California and Washington state, and the company is hoping to expand, beginning with Arizona, Hawaii, Idaho and Nevada in the coming months, the company’s website states

Other recent digital healthcare solutions aimed at senior living include Kevala’s and OnShift’s new software tools designed to help with staff scheduling. Another tool that, like Savoy On-Demand, is meant to help bring in new residents, is WelcomeHome, recently added to the Serviam Care Network.