Shell Point's interactive map includes 360-degree panorama images.

In an effort to provide convenience and respond to the increasing technologic capabilities of residents, prospective residents and their families, Shell Point Retirement Community in Fort Myers, FL, has launched a new interactive map and virtual tours on its website.

“Our residents are getting more savvy with technology, and they will certainly appreciate a tool that guides them from location to location on our campus,” said Mike Haber, digital media manager at Shell Point.

With approximately 2,400 residents and 1,000 staff members living or working on its 600-acre campus, Shell Point is the largest single-site continuing care retirement / life plan community in Florida.

By using the interactive map, visitors to the community’s website via computer or mobile device can home in on aerial-view illustrations of Shell Point’s five distinct neighborhoods, healthcare facilities, golf courses and other amenities. They also can obtain walking directions from one part of the campus to another. The map also includes 360-degree panorama images that enable visitors to explore real-life views from various campus locations.

The community chose concept3D’s atlas3D platform for the effort.

“Residents, visitors and even staff find a lot of utility and functionality in atlas3D, and we often hear compliments about our beautiful map,” Haber said.