6 keys to job satisfaction

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Six factors are responsible for 71% of job satisfaction for some people, according to “Job Satisfaction Index 2015, a report from Danish trade union Krifa, the Happiness Research Institute and global survey firm TNS Gallup.

“Paying attention to these six factors is a good way to affect positive change in organizational culture,” according to the report authors. People who are happy at work, they add, are more likely to be productive, creative and collegial there, and less likely to call in sick.

The six factors, in order of importance (with the most important factor appearing first):

  1. Purpose — Believing that the work has purpose.
  2. Leadership — Having a manager who has professional expertise and social competencies and also understands the employee's needs and circumstances.
  3. Influence — Having a say in how work is structured.
  4. Achievements — Delivering results and meeting pre-determined objectives, big and little, alone or as part of a team.
  5. Work/life balance — Experiencing a balance between the amount of work and the time given in which to do it, and also experiencing a balance between work and personal life.
  6. Colleagues — Having good relationships with co-workers.

Researchers found that worker perceptions of the factors related to job satisfaction varied from reality. The list above reflects the reality established through their analysis, whereas workers viewed the factors in this order of importance: purpose, colleagues, influence, achievements, leadership and work/life balance.

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