Class action lawsuit proceeds to trial

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A class action lawsuit initiated by two residents of a 130-unit senior living community contends that the community's owners “misrepresented the services and amenities,” The Union reports, noting that a preferred trial date of Dec. 11 or sooner has been granted by a judge.

Ronald Coley and Karen Lorini, residents of Eskaton Village Grass Valley, Grass Valley, California, filed the lawsuit in November in Sacramento County Superior Court. The suit alleges breach of fiduciary duties, financial elder abuse, unfair business practices and negligence, and discrepancies in fees charged to homeowners versus assisted living residents. The services provided to the community's residents, however, are delivered below costs, Eskaton CEO Todd Murch said at a town hall meeting at Eskaton Village Grass Valley, according to an account by the newspaper.

Murch, as well as Eskaton COO Betsy Donovan, Eskaton Village Grass Valley, Eskaton Properties Inc. and the Eskaton Village Grass Valley Homeowners Association are named in the lawsuit.

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