Seniors housing pros identify top concerns

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Potential overbuilding over the next 12 months is the top concern of 35% of seniors housing professionals responding to a recent survey by Capital One.

Other concerns:

  • The continued influx of new capital (20%).
  • The potential effect of higher interest rates (19%)
  • State-specific rate and operating environments (10%).
  • Lack of affordable senior housing (10%).

Forty-one percent of seniors housing professionals said they expect new development to offer the greatest investment opportunities in the coming year, and 26% said the repositioning of older properties would offer the greatest investment opportunities.

Most of those surveyed said they expect the pace of mergers and acquisitions activity in the sector to increase in the next 12 months. Sixty percent believe activity will increase, and 29% expect it to stay flat.

"In this market, it is critical to conduct in-depth due diligence and sub-market analysis, which could make or break potential developments," said Imran Javaid, managing director of healthcare real estate at Capital One.

Capital One conducted the survey at the IMN Real Estate Private Equity Forum on Senior Housing in Los Angeles on Sept. 17 and 18.


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