Top 15 cities for bed bugs

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Bed bugs (Photo courtesy of Terminix)
Bed bugs (Photo courtesy of Terminix)

Now here's a list you don't want your city to be on. Detroit tops the list of bed bug-infested cities, according to a recently released ranking by Terminix. The 2016 list marks the first time in four years that Philadelphia is not in the top spot.

This year's list:

  1. Detroit
  2. Philadelphia
  3. Cleveland-Akron
  4. Los Angeles
  5. Dayton, OH
  6. Chicago
  7. Columbus, OH
  8. Cincinnati
  9. Dallas-Forth Worth
  10. San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose
  11. Denver
  12. Toledo, OH
  13. Oklahoma City
  14. Baltimore
  15. New York City

Bed bugs flourish in mattresses, box springs and bed frames, according to Terminix, so it may not come as a surprise that nursing homes and other residential care settings are the third most common place for infestations, accounting for 9% of them (topping that list are retail stores at 37%, followed by hospitals and doctors' offices at 12%; casinos follow nursing homes and other residential care settings, with 5% of infestations).

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