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2021 Technology Supplement

Download the 2021 Technology Supplement (PDF) View the digital edition of the 2021 Technology Supplement Inside: 3 ways tech use during pandemic will change long-term care forever COVID-19 alters technology investment Wi-Fi expected today It’s clear: Internet is a utility Technology helps tackle long-term care’s perennial top issue Operators pivot with technology to fill beds…

Joel Theisen headshot

On-site care, data and Dr. Bill Thomas: Lifesprk’s CEO talks about the company’s $30 million tech investment on the way to a new model

Minneapolis-based Lifesprk recently acquired 35 Tealwood Senior Living communities, bringing them under Lifesprk Senior Living. Lifesprk CEO Joel Theisen recently shared with McKnight’s Senior Living the company’s vision to bring people to services, not services to people, using technology and artificial intelligence. Dr. Bill Thomas, Lifesprk’s independence officer, is a key architect in designing the holistic model that will deliver this new experience.

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