Demand up for training, says

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Demand up for training, says
Demand up for training, says

Web-based video training service reports that demand for content is up significantly, and the number of views of its video programs this year likely will be double the number of views last year. creates an average of three to five videos every week, and the public can access more than 300 of them at any given time. The company says that its products are viewed by people in all 50 states and 98 countries.

Communities can use the videos as part of staff training as well as to satisfy continuing education requirements. In addition, senior living community marketing teams have used the videos when following up with prospects and their families to direct them to content that speaks to their specific situations. says it welcomes input on the trends and topics that users would like to see addressed in its content.

“We feel a tremendous amount of satisfaction because we are creating unique content that gives caregivers in the senior living industry increased understanding and a sense of enlightenment,” said Nina Rios, executive director of “Our website is highly interactive and easy to use, so those who need the information most can access it right at their fingertips.”


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