Honeywell introduces low frequency sounders

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Honeywell has debuted Silent Knight® low frequency sounders and sounder bases, along with an amplifier to provide code-mandated backup power capabilities for emergency communication systems.

The line of new low frequency notification solutions includes SpectrAlert® Advance low frequency sounders and sounder bases, designed to emit a 520 Hz tone.

Notification appliances provide the low frequency output to meet current NFPA 72 standards and International Building/Fire Code. Existing installations of current Silent Knight detectors and traditional sounder bases can be easily upgraded by replacing the base with the new low frequency version, the company said. Where speakers are already in use, the IntelliKnight 5820XL-EVS has also been updated to emit the 520 Hz tone.

The new EVS-100W can deliver 50 watts of power to the 5820XL-EVS, plus 50 watts of backup power, the company said.The Silent Knight EVS-100 WBU can be used for 100 watts of power with 50 watts for back-up.

“Survivability is a code-required function of fire and voice evac systems, and we're seeing more specs calling for more power to back-up these systems,” said David Pakech, sales leader, Silent Knight-IntelliKnight.


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