Nestlé Health Science launches ENactTM

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Nestle Enact
Nestle Enact

Nestlé Health Science has created a web-based, integrated enteral nutrition program called ENactTM, which is aimed to improve quality.

Nutrition continues to be critically “under-leveraged and under-valued,” the company said.

"One tangible solution — the application of targeted, evidence-based enteral nutrition in patient care through programs such as ENactTM — can result in a myriad of improvements from stronger patient outcomes and streamlined costs to increased organizational efficiencies,” said Matthew Bechtold, M.D., FACP, FASGE, FACG, University of Missouri Health Systems.

ENactTM focuses on awareness, education and providing healthcare professionals resources to develop and implement nutrition QI projects, the company said. While focused on acute care, it offers free resources specific to the development of nutrition QI projects with a focus on those who are critically ill, undergoing surgery or malnourished. It has a library of QI nutrition toolkits to help implement and champion nutrition projects and track related improvements.


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