Nestlé Health Science launches new nutrition drinks

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Nestlé Health Science has released the “next generation of nutrition drinks,” a 4-fluid ounce size BOOST Calorie Smart® 100 Calories Balanced Nutritional Drink and BOOST® Compact Complete Nutritional Drink.

The drinks provide nutrients for older adults, such as calcium, magnesium and vitamins. The 100-calorie drink has 10 grams of protein and comes in chocolate and vanilla. The compact version has 240 calories and the same flavors.

“There are many reasons why adults may not get the nutrition necessary for good health — for example, their lifestyle, their health status or natural effects of aging, such as appetite loss,” said Samantha Lynch, MS, RD CDN, who specializes in geriatrics and weight management. “Nutritionally balanced drinks can help address important nutrition gaps in older populations.”

BOOST® Compact Drink and BOOST Calorie Smart® 100 Calories Drink are available now and are suitable for people with gluten sensitivity, celiac disease or lactose intolerance.


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