Philips introduces wireless safety solution for senior living

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Royal Philips has introduced CarePoint 5.0, a safety and wander management solution designed to provide residents of senior living communities with emergency assistance.

“As communities change and grow, this solution allows for easy modification to help keep seniors safe and independent,” said Marcia Conrad-Miller, senior director of product management, home monitoring, Philips.

CarePoint is powered by SmartCare software. The system uses network support to provide emergency response coverage over an entire community, indoors and out, with multiple wireless receivers and links placed throughout the facility. When a resident needs emergency assistance, the signal calling for help enters the system through a receiver close to the resident. This allows CarePoint to indicate the resident's general location, which is communicated via the system to staff members so they can respond and provide assistance quickly.

CarePoint already is used by thousands of senior living communities across the United States and Canada, according to Philips. The upgraded solution features redesigned wireless receivers and introduces the 7000 Series AutoAlert automatic fall detection technology for use within these communities.

Now UL2560-certified, CarePoint has been designed to provide older adults with audible and visual cues to confirm that an alert has been sent, to comply with UL standards and provide greater peace of mind to those who need of help. CarePoint 5.0, accredited by the American National Standards Institution, also complies with the distinct requirements for emergency call systems in assisted living and independent living communities.


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