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Assisted living ‘ignored’ in COVID-19 discussions, expert tells Senate Aging Committee

Although assisted living communities are home to residents who “are completely just as vulnerable” as nursing home residents to COVID-19, “we sort of tend to ignore them in these situations” because the communities are licensed by states instead of the federal government and don’t receive much funding from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, one expert witness told the Senate Special Committee on Aging on Thursday.

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Industry repeats call for resources as Congress members ask for assisted living COVID-19 case details

Industry associations are supporting the transparency requested by three members of Congress who have asked 11 assisted living companies to detail their case counts and strategies related to COVID-19 — including use of personal protective equipment and testing, but the associations also continue to call on the federal government to prioritize assisted living operators for PPE and other resources to battle the disease.

HHS to issue guidance on federal oversight of assisted living by end of year

The Department of Health and Human Services expects to issue a policy statement by the end of 2020 that addresses the monitoring and reporting of “critical incidents” — such as abuse, neglect and exploitation — involving Medicaid beneficiaries who live in assisted living communities, the Government Accountability Office said in a report released Thursday.

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