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Brian Clemency, D.O.

Senior living team can help clarify older adults’ end-of-life wishes

Physicians’ Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatments, or POLST, forms often are seen as a way to honor the end-of-life preferences of frail elderly individuals when they no longer can speak for themselves. A new study, however, finds that these medical order forms often are incomplete or ambiguous, confusing healthcare professionals. Those in senior living can help, says one of the study’s authors.

Diane Rehm speaks at Argentum's 2016 Senior Living Executive Conference.

Diane Rehm advocates for choice at end of life

A talk in which National Public Radio’s Diane Rehm shared experiences related to her late husband’s battle with Parkinson’s disease and decision to end his life were a highlight of Wednesday’s programming at the Argentum Senior Living Executive Conference, which also included the presentation of several awards.

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