Top 5 uses of internet among older adults

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Internet access was the technology most frequently possessed by the older adults who participated in the 2016 Link∙age Technology Survey.

Link∙age, based in Mason, Ohio, surveyed more than 401 adults aged 59 to more than 85 years about their ownership, usage and interest in technology. More than 40% reported living in some kind of seniors housing.

Internet access among older adults has increased since the last survey was conducted in 2011, according to Link∙age. As might be expected, use was highest among those in their 60s, followed by those in their 70s. The most popular uses of internet access, with more than 50% of survey-takers using it in a certain way, were:

  1. Reading and sending email messages
  2. Finding news, entertainment and information
  3. Calling or video chatting with family members
  4. Viewing and sending photographs
  5. Managing financial or retail accounts

After internet access, the technology most frequently possessed by survey-takers was wireless networks, then personal computers and laptop computers.


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