Editors' Columns

Editors’ Columns

Your opportunity to share and learn about technology in senior living

Has your community used technology to improve care or operations in the past year? If yes, the 2019 McKnight’s Excellence in Technology Awards program is here to give your organization the opportunity to obtain the recognition it deserves. And a free webinar this week will help you learn about technology while earning a continuing education credit.

John O'Connor's Columns

Latest job perk: work a shift, get paid

Think offering same-day or next-day paychecks would be impossible to execute? Some of the competition is about to start doing exactly that.

Assisted living finds itself at troubling crossroads

It’s no secret that more assisted living communities are competing with skilled care operators for high-need residents. But a recent piece in the New York Times is sure to raise troubling questions about this emerging strategy.

When the whistle blows both ways

Whistleblowers stand to gain a ZIP code upgrade and lots of other prizes, but it’s not a risk-free gambit.

Why you should fear Medicaid block grants

Well gang, it’s that special time of the year when the president delivers a wish-list budget that gives red meat to the base — and heartburn to just about everyone else.

Come for the flu shot, stay for the cognitive screening

Less than a third of older adults have ever been assessed for cognitive problems, and only 16% undergo routine cognitive assessments during normal health checkups. So how do we go about the difficult task of getting more people checked out?

Waste not, why not?

Say what you will about the latest billionaire governor of Illinois, he’s very generous. At least when it comes to spending other peoples’ money.

The high cost of free labor

A story that broke this week took me back to my first brush with the injustice of unpaid hourly employment.

We’re all in this together? Well, maybe not quite

Given the friendly interplay we often see between operators and capital providers, it might be easy to conclude the relationship is more fraternal than transactional. The facts suggest otherwise.

Lois Bowers' Columns

Nailing motherhood

Whether or not our mothers are still with us, whether or not we have children of our own, we all can celebrate our nurturing qualities.

How to make senior living more appealing

A new study projects that at least 54% of middle-income adults in 2029 won’t be able to afford senior living. But even if people can afford it, will they want it?

Wellness plans ‘a work in progress’

If you’re looking for your organization’s employee wellness plan to pay dividends in the form of lower healthcare costs and absenteeism rates as well as higher job tenure and performance, then a new study by Harvard researchers will give you pause.

The forgotten generation of workers?

Members of Generation X, now aged 38 to 53, account for one-third of the U.S. workforce yet often are overlooked, according to a new survey.

Another rant about language

It’s been a while since I’ve written about marketing or media messages that mischaracterize senior living or aging adults (and we’re all aging). A few uses of language caught my attention this past week.

This industry has a wealth of talent

McKnight’s Senior Living and McKnight’s Long-Term Care News will be announcing the recipients of our inaugural Women of Distinction awards this week.

Remembering the middle market

Mark your calendars. A release date for the National Investment Center for Seniors Housing & Care’s highly anticipated middle-market study has been announced.

Look past differences to solve workforce challenges

Legal immigration is part of the solution to staffing challenges in senior living and other industries, according to numerous organizations representing provider and business interests. But a new lawsuit suggests that at least some Americans may need to become more comfortable with people who may not look or speak as they do, immigrant or not.

A surprising finding about family caregivers

An interesting study recently published in The Gerontologist suggests that older caregivers providing less care than their peers may need more support than others.

Moving toward gender equality

I’m pulling for a day when instruments such as the Gender Equality Index won’t be needed, because equality will be something that serves as an assumed basis from which other actions stem. Until that time, lists such as this one provide an opportunity for reflection and comparison.
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