Editors' Columns

Editors’ Columns

Look past differences to solve workforce challenges

Legal immigration is part of the solution to staffing challenges in senior living and other industries, according to numerous organizations representing provider and business interests. But a new lawsuit suggests that at least some Americans may need to become more comfortable with people who may not look or speak as they do, immigrant or not.

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The high cost of free labor

A story that broke this week took me back to my first brush with the injustice of unpaid hourly employment.

We’re all in this together? Well, maybe not quite

Given the friendly interplay we often see between operators and capital providers, it might be easy to conclude the relationship is more fraternal than transactional. The facts suggest otherwise.

Pop goes the senior living bubble?

It’s time to point out a possible scenario few among us will want to acknowledge: A senior living bubble may be about to burst.

How to succeed while others are failing

When people in the senior living field talk about the things that separate the haves from the have nots, one ingredient rarely is mentioned.

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Moving toward gender equality

I’m pulling for a day when instruments such as the Gender Equality Index won’t be needed, because equality will be something that serves as an assumed basis from which other actions stem. Until that time, lists such as this one provide an opportunity for reflection and comparison.

Age is not just a number

Until we as individuals and as a society view age and aging more positively, one can’t blame a man for asking a court to make him legally younger.

Staffing shortage is more than an HR headache, speakers say

The staffing challenges facing senior living communities are not just human resources headaches. They also represent the biggest operational risk in the industry, according to experts participating in a recent panel discussion.

Three studies you can feel good about

A new study in seven senior living communities is trying to determine whether well-being can be cultivated in older adults through group sessions and activities. Other recent research has shown the power of positive thinking.

Sometimes being a good neighbor is simple

As peak hurricane season loomed, one senior living organization shared hurricane preparedness tips with local older adults who still live at home, their families and first responders.

It’s not just residents at risk of being lonely and isolated

Much has been written about the benefits that senior living communities can offer older adults who may be at risk of loneliness and isolation. A recent national survey puts more data behind the argument, but some results may surprise you.

2.4 million reasons to be nice

We’re supposed to be nice because it’s the right thing to do, not because we expect something in return. It sure is heartwarming, though, when people are rewarded for their good deeds.
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