Editors' Columns

Editors’ Columns

Take heart in older adults’ resiliency

We’ve heard a lot lately about the loneliness and isolation that some residents — and their families — are feeling during the pandemic. These feelings are real, and there are real consequences of the separation of residents and their loved ones. Nonetheless, I took some comfort in the results of a recent study.

New book can help you welcome LGBT residents

Tim R. Johnston, Ph.D., senior director of national projects for LGBT elder advocacy organization SAGE, spent a year and a half working on his new book, “Welcoming LGBT Residents: A Practical Guide for Senior Living Staff.” He recently answered some questions for me about the book and its subject matter as well as his work at SAGE.
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But wait, it gets worse

We’re wading into uncharted waters that are unlikely to provide much relief. I’m referring to the 2020 election season.

Give yourself a break

Your opportunity to create some great news for your organization is literally one click away.

Please don’t feed the zombies

It’s convenient to blame many of the senior living sector’s debt woes on the coronavirus. Convenient, but not entirely accurate.

COVID-19 unleashing new labor challenges for many senior living operators

Occupancy is down, revenue is declining, and it’s anyone’s guess if or when a vaccine might be available. As if that’s not bad enough, many operators soon might find themselves dealing with an assortment of new labor-related headaches — ranging from new rules to revitalized organization efforts.

The calm before the (dealmaking) storm

Among other things, the COVID-19 pandemic has slowed the pace of mergers, acquisitions and other dealmaking activities. But that may soon change.

Why senior living needs to step up its game

Senior living will adapt to COVID-19 by doing away with buffets and using design that encourages social distancing. But what about the proverbial elephant in the room?

The four stages of senior living?

So will this sector be different in say, five or 10 years? Absolutely. But the sector was going to be very different, regardless of COVID-19.

It’s a bit early for a victory parade

The stock market spiked notably Monday, following news that a COVID-19 vaccine candidate has shown encouraging trial results. But before you load up on Moderna stock, it might be helpful to keep a couple of things in mind.

Need something else to worry about?

I’m no expert on monetary policy and have never played one on TV. But even I am beginning to wonder if these actions might create another problem for senior living operators.

A good time to take stock — of you

We’re all sailing through unchartered waters, but realize that you’ll probably get through these awful challenges — and you might just emerge better for the experience.

When fair criticism goes over the line

Many media reports about senior living and care are taking on a nasty tone related to COVID-19. This week alone, I have seen stories make two very disturbing accusations.

Scapegoating the coronavirus?

There’s little doubt that the virus and bad sector financials are connected. But is the coronavirus maybe getting more credit than it deserves?

Lois Bowers' Columns

Industry, lawmakers agree: Assisted living needs COVID-19 help

Now that Sens. Warren and Markey and Rep. Maloney realize what the industry has been saying to anyone who would listen for months now — that senior living operators need resources to battle COVID-19, too — it’s time for them to convince their colleagues in the Senate and House of their discovery and then put their (our, actually) money where their mouths are.

COVID caregivers, don’t forget to take care of yourselves

Results of a new survey bring potentially troubling news for those in senior living employees and the companies for which they work: Personal exposure to the coronavirus is linked with poor mental health. Fortunately, there are steps that front-line heroes and others can take to lessen the stress they might be feeling related to the pandemic, regardless of whether they have been exposed to the disease.

Aging successfully is not a game

Coming this summer wherever video games are sold: A product equally offensive to both millennials and senior living residents.

Balancing safety, quality of life in the COVID-19 era

Pavlo Kononenko doesn’t think his company’s approach to battling the effects of COVID-19 is unique, but what he described in a recent blog certainly is different from media reports that portray senior living residents as lonely and isolated from fellow residents, and family members as pleading to see them after months of separation.

A veteran gives thanks for senior living heroes

As Americans paused over the weekend to remember Armed Forces members who died while serving the United States, one veteran was giving thanks to several heroes who “by their sacrifice, saved lives and catastrophe.”

3 ways COVID-19 will change senior living forever

One senior living expert recently shared with me three ways senior living surely will change, and another way it will change at least temporarily, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Coming together, right now

COVID-19 is challenging senior living operators in new and numerous ways. Companies are finding ways to help their peer organizations and let their workers know how much they are valued during these unprecedented times, however.

Quality in action

In response to my blog last week, I heard from several readers who shared the creative actions their senior living communities are taking to keep residents healthy and active socially, physically and cognitively.

NIC chief economist shares 3 places to find more workers

Labor markets are tight, but data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics suggest a few groups that senior living and care operators might want to court for new workers, National Investment Center for Seniors Housing & Care Chief Economist Beth Burnham Mace said Friday.

Coronavirus has reached long-term care. Prepare, don’t panic

The first reported possible outbreak of COVID-19 in a long-term care facility, and the first reported case of COVID-19 in a healthcare worker — a caregiver in that facility, were announced by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Saturday. It’s time to prepare, not panic, says one senior living operator’s chief medical officer. Fortunately, many resources are available to help you.
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