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Editors’ Columns

John O'Connor's Columns

Scapegoating the coronavirus?

There’s little doubt that the virus and bad sector financials are connected. But is the coronavirus maybe getting more credit than it deserves?

Think unions are dead? Think again

It’s no secret that labor unions in America are struggling to remain relevant. But that doesn’t mean efforts aren’t underway to reverse their downward spiral. Or that operators shouldn’t be paying attention to recent developments.

Senior living field getting antsy over ANSI?

A largely unnoticed development now has more than a few operators wondering whether the Trojan Horse carrying federal rules has arrived. But in this case, the proverbial steed was always inside the gate.

The amazing people among us

Dozens of senior living residents took their final breath week. Margaret Lawrence was among them. But she was no ordinary face in the crowd.

Once more, with feeling

Last year’s inaugural McKnight’s Women of Distinction awards program honored more than 40 well-deserving professionals. And now nominations are open for the second year of the program, so that more women can be recognized.

Does senior living have a bullying problem?

Workplace bullies have mastered the art of making others feel threatened and miserable. And if a recent poll is to be believed, they are in ample supply these days.

Lois Bowers' Columns

NIC chief economist shares 3 places to find more workers

Labor markets are tight, but data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics suggest a few groups that senior living and care operators might want to court for new workers, National Investment Center for Seniors Housing & Care Chief Economist Beth Burnham Mace said Friday.

Coronavirus has reached long-term care. Prepare, don’t panic

The first reported possible outbreak of COVID-19 in a long-term care facility, and the first reported case of COVID-19 in a healthcare worker — a caregiver in that facility, were announced by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Saturday. It’s time to prepare, not panic, says one senior living operator’s chief medical officer. Fortunately, many resources are available to help you.

‘OK, Boomer’ is not OK

Depending on your age, you may find the phrase “OK, Boomer” humorous or infuriating. But there’s only one way to look at it in the workplace.

What should we do about long-term care?

It was the comment heard around the world. Well, around the United States. OK, maybe just among those in the long-term care arena and some political junkies.

Together, we can address loneliness in senior living

Eighty-five percent of independent living residents interviewed for a recent small study reported moderate to severe levels of loneliness. The residents also shared some techniques to manage it that may help other older adults and those who serve and care for them, however.

A great holiday gift for the women in your work life

Looking for a last-minute gift for a female colleague? Or maybe you’re a woman seeking a holiday splurge for yourself. Or perhaps you’re trying to think of a way to ring in the new year at work. Here’s a great idea.

Holiday gifts we would give if we could — and maybe we can

A new survey finds that half of us wish we could give certain “intangible” gifts to those we care about. But we can give at least some of these gifts to our family members, friends or co-workers. In fact, maybe we already are.

‘Silver wave’ is about more than future residents, reports suggest

Mention the baby boomer-related demographic forces that could be a boon for senior living operators in the coming years, and most minds in the industry turn to prospective residents. Two recent reports, however, suggest that baby boomers of traditional retirement age offer an opportunity of a different sort right now.

Not so sure about that ‘silver wave’

Yes, the aging of the baby boomers may result in a “silver wave” of residents moving into senior living communities, but one investor is urging caution. And independent living “may be left out to dry,” he says.

Older adults: Images, reality don’t always match

A new campaign by AARP and Getty Images certainly fits nicely with LeadingAge’s important vision to “permanently change the image of aging in our society,” but it was another organization that came to my mind when I heard about this new effort.

Is all of senior living embracing a medical model?

“How many of you still believe you only provide hospitality?” When Juniper Communities founder and CEO Lynne Katzmann posed that question to the approximately 260 people attending NCAL Day on Sunday, nobody raised a hand.
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