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Study suggests ways senior living can optimize care for residents with dementia

A new study examining the differences between residents with moderately severe dementia who live in residential care settings, such as retirement communities and assisted living, and those who live in nursing homes or at home suggests actions those in senior living can take to benefit their residents, the lead author tells McKnight’s Senior Living.

Technology that detects falls helps reduce ED visits by 80%, study finds

An artificial intelligence-enabled camera system helped senior living communities reduce visits from emergency medical teams by 75% and visits to emergency departments by 80% by detecting falls among residents living with dementia, according to the results of a pilot study published in the July issue of the American Journal of Managed Care.

Alzheimer’s vaccine shows promise in study

A vaccine developed by University of New Mexico researchers has shown promise in preventing the formation of the tau tangles in the brain and someday potentially could prevent the cognitive decline typically seen in people with Alzheimer’s disease, they said.

Poll: Those with family history have more dementia concerns

Participants in a recent poll who had a family history of dementia or who had been a caregiver to someone with dementia were less likely to rate their memories as good, were more likely to worry about developing dementia and were more likely to think they would develop dementia.