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3 ways to help residents stay connected during the COVID-19 pandemic

The arrival of COVID-19 and the accompanying safety precautions that have followed has had a major effect on senior living communities and their residents. Person-to-person interactions are an important part of keeping residents not just happy — but also healthy. How do you keep those interactions going during a time when the in-person visits and off-site trips most residents are so used to aren’t feasible, at least for now in many locations?
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8 COVID-19 tips, tricks and cautions for assisted living and skilled nursing

Assisted living and skilled nursing each have their own unique regulatory, clinical and social factors to consider when it comes to COVID-19. Here, we describe the eight challenges or issues that leaders and caregivers in these settings need to be aware of once COVID-19 affects residents in a facility.
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4 ways to communicate inclusivity

When you hear about diversity and inclusion in the workplace — specifically in the aging services industry — what comes to mind? If an uncomfortable knot forms in the pit of your stomach, don’t ignore it. That’s a sure sign a learning opportunity has presented itself. The question is: Are you ready for the lesson?

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