John O’Connor

The standard practice in journalism is to report on things that have already occurred.

With tongue firmly planted in cheek and with a good grip on my poetic license, I’m going to risk a slight departure in this blog. By that, I mean I am going to describe future events as if they already happened.

The events in question actually are a series of talks about the future of aging. Each was “delivered” Oct. 17 to 19 at the National Investment Center for Seniors Housing & Care Fall Conference in Chicago.

So what did you “miss?” Plenty. Consider:

  • Kelly Leonard, executive director of The Second City, showed how improvisational techniques can help improve interactions with people who have dementia.
  • Dwayne J. Clark, co-founder and CEO of Aegis Living, addressed why your company’s workforce can play a central role in creating a culture of innovation.
  • Susan Dentzer, CEO of the Network for Excellence in Health Innovation, addressed the “healthcare without walls” concept, and how it has special significance for senior living.
  • Chetan Sharma, founder and CEO of a Seattle-based consulting firm bearing his name, talked about the idea of aging in place amid a significant technological shift to “connected intelligence.”

They were fantastic presentations. Too bad you missed them.

Back from the future: Actually, you didn’t miss a thing. You still can see these and four additional talks by registering for the NIC’s Fall Convention.

And here’s even better news: this event actually is geared toward something else — making deals. In fact, most NIC attendees routinely report that attending this show fuels new transactions.

So unless you happen to have a DeLorean Time Machine at your disposal, you’ll still have to hold off for a month or so. But it’s safe to say the wait will be well worth it.

John O’Connor is editorial director of McKnight’s Senior Living. Email him at [email protected].