Some find it controversial that President Trump has nominated Eugene Scalia to head the Labor Department. But if you are running a senior living organization, the announcement is anything but.

That’s because you’d be hard-pressed to find a guy who is more in your corner.

Scalia, who is the son of the late Supreme Court Justice Anton Scalia, confirms the adage about apples and the trees they come from. He brings a similar mindset and disposition to the party, and apparently never met a pro-business argument he didn’t like. In fact, the partner at Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher has delivered more than a few of them himself. By way of example, he once called ergonomics regulations “quackery.”

Now whether you happen to believe that is a good or bad thing is your choice. I am not trying to dissuade anyone of their notions or preferences. I’m simply saying this: Any person who owns or runs a business would be hard-pressed to find a more sympathetic ear.

The younger Scalia has spent many years representing corporate clients who had it up to here with mandates and speed bumps. Now if you happen to like things such as the Dodd-Frank law, lower overtime pay mandates and stronger unions, you just might find Scalia’s nomination troubling.

But if you’d prefer that the government spend less time telling you what to do, Scalia is a dream nominee. For when it comes to rules and regulations, this is a guy who can get things undone.