John O'Connor
John O’Connor

There is no doubt that senior living faces its challenges these days.

Other players are stepping up their game. And the sector itself faces a bit of an identity crisis, as operators try to determine whether healthcare- or lifestyle-centric service options hold more promise.

Then there is the little matter of managing the toughest labor market in half a century.

But when you talk to senior living operators, almost all remain highly committed.

As for the reason why, it’s quite simple, really: They love the work they do. Put another way, people in this sector rightfully feel they are making a difference.

As a part of that noble achievement, technology is playing an increasingly central role. Chances are more than good that your organization is harnessing several tech tools to make life better for those you serve.

And as long as you are already doing that, why not get rewarded for the effort?

As you may have heard, the 2019 McKnight’s Excellence in Technology Awards contest is now underway.

Before you stop reading, please know that entering this contest is easy and rewarding.

First, it may bring your organization some POSITIVE exposure. And the recognition will be for something you are already doing.

Second, you have a half dozen categories to choose from. (Quality, High Tech / High Touch, Innovator of the Year, KISS (Keep It Super Simple), Safety and Activities.

Finally, entering has never been easier. Simply go to

Yes, these are challenging times. But this sector also offers more than its share of rewards. And your opportunity to earn one of them is literally one click away.

But don’t wait: The deadline is July 24. Good luck to you and your team. And thank you for making a difference.