With social distancing being part of our routine, every person is a potential risk, and independence is ever so important. The ability to talk to others, move around, breathe clean air, and eat fresh food should be available for everyone to do on their own as the key to a balanced life with physical and mental health.

But how can you accomplish it when circumstances change so often? This is where technology steps in. Using the latest innovations, increasing numbers of older adults can discover how to control their lives with apps, digital information and state-of-the-art home devices.

Going green indoors

Older adults are becoming more tech-savvy than ever and are enjoying an upgraded lifestyle, one click at a time. Zoom is now a household name, with daily talks and important family celebrations being held virtually, making it possible for everyone to attend. Robots are being used to provide care for seniors and conduct blood tests. Life has become so easy; there are even prescription-delivery services that bring medications all the way to your doorstep.

But good health consists of much more than that. It’s not only based on what we eat or how we sleep but, first of all, on how we breathe. Providing clean air is essential in combating airborne viruses, bacteria and mold that threatens older adults’ health today more than ever. By using smart air purification systems such as Aura Air, senior living community owners, operators and staff members will be able to ensure their residents’ well-being and will have access to up-to-date air quality data without needing personal interaction and avoiding unnecessary risks.

Getting personal while managing dozens

Now, getting the latest technology isn’t just buying the best device, but the best device for you. Personalization has become crucial to how well we use our devices and fit them to our needs by using advanced automation or changing specific settings. By buying smart devices with personalization options such as voice assistants, smart thermostats and more, older adults can tailor them exclusively to their needs and enjoy their full potential. As a result, their level of independence can increase.

Although the personal element always is important, one must consider the ability to manage many devices at once in an easy, efficient manner. Whether you’re an operator managing a few smart thermostats or you have a whole system of connected products, it’s worth getting devices that have an accessible management platform, making it possible to monitor each one individually and ensure community residents’ health. The ability to connect to a mobile phone and instantly view relevant information is just as important, providing a sense of empowerment and a greater degree of control over indoor living conditions.

When COVID-19 first emerged as a global health threat, it brought times of uncertainty to people of all ages, but most of all, for senior communities. Although we are far from being back to normal, we can find stability with the help of technology and its tools for independent living. Ensuring self-sufficiency helps owners, operators and leaders of seniors living communities empower residents and keep the communities safe.

Roei Friedberg is CEO of Aura Americas.