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McKnight’s inaugural Product Theater on Sept. 24 will provide demonstrations and information about the newest innovations to help run a more successful business in the COVID-19 environment.

Session 1 will highlight the Relias Learning Management System. Learn how the platform automates staff orientation, streamlines training and provides easy access through a mobile app while meeting all state and federal training requirements.

Session 2 will discuss evidence on the relationships between falls, cognition, incontinence and immobility. Attendees will take away practical solutions to overcome these challenges and provide quality care during COVID-19.

Session 3 will focus on IntelyCare’s free scheduling platform, designed to help reduce overtime and predict scheduling gaps before they happen.

Session 4 will explain Ability Smartforce scheduling software, meant to put the power of scheduling in the palm of a user’s hand to see solutions before problems occur, reduce overtime and simplify staffing.

For more information and to register, click here. Use this link to view the sessions afterward as well.