Clydene and her fellow Willow Valley residents hold up Bennett’s prom sign. (Photo courtesy of Willow Valley Communities.)

Asking a date to prom is often a nerve-wracking experience. But what happens when you involve your grandmother in the process? Clydene, a resident at Willow Valley Communities in Willow Street, PA, found out when her grandson, Bennett, reached out.

“This is their first year for prom because they’re only juniors. He called and said ‘Nana, I need your help for something I want to do for Kiera for prom.’ ” Clydene said. “He arrived complete with a case that looked like he was selling something or putting on a lecture series. It had in it large posters that looked as though they’d been professionally done. It was only later talking with his mom that I found out he’d finished him at 1:30 the night before.”

With the help of Clydene and four of her friends at Willow Valley, Bennett asked his girlfriend and Willow Valley kitchen staff member, Kiera, to prom in a “promposal.” Clydene and her friends first held up signs spelling out Kiera’s name, then flipped them over to pop the question: “Prom?” While she was confused at first, that confusion turned into joy as she said yes. 

“I haven’t spoken with her since, but I’m guessing she was a little suspicious that something was going on,” Clydene said. “Then when she saw it, she kind of hid behind the wall for just a minute and then she was fine with it. She came out and seemed delighted.”

Having lived five houses down from Bennett before moving into Willow Valley, Clydene has vivid memories of watching him grow up. This time, she’s given him a memory he will never forget. 

“I thought it was great, because he’s a sweetheart, and I just love the opportunity to be a part of it,” Clydene said. “Seeing how it turned out so nicely, and we didn’t spell the words wrong, our team performed well.”

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