Forty-two percent of Americans aged 55 or more years experience anxiety about being able to afford where they live at least once a day, and 30% worry at least once a month, according to the results of a new survey of 1,000 people by not-for-profit real estate corporation NHP Foundation.

Forty-six percent of respondents who reported being anxious said that “the ability to afford desirable retirement living” caused them the most anxiety.

Housing-related anxiety is most acute in the South, followed by the Northeast and Midwest, according to the survey results.

Almost 50% of those polled said that their housing-related worries could be alleviated if the new federal administration ensures stable property and other taxes. Almost 14% indicated that construction of more affordable housing would help alleviate their housing-related concerns.

Foundation CEO Richard Burns said that his company, which already serves approximately 18,000 residents at 46 properties in 15 states and the nation’s capital, is “working today to increase our stock of affordable housing to ensure that this and future generations are able to afford desirable places to live.”

The low income housing tax credit and other government measures, he added, “will continue to be vital to organizations such as ours to provide the country with stable, long-term affordable housing options.”