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Our flagship newsletter. Each business day, the McKnight’s Senior Living Daily Briefing delivers news, perspective and analysis that matters. Thousands of senior living professionals read this important email newsletter from the comfort and convenience of their computer, tablet or mobile phone.

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Our newest newsletter. The McKnight’s Business Daily e-newsletter, a joint effort of McKnight’s Senior Living and McKnight’s Long-Term Care News, provides news, information, analysis and perspective tied to the business side of senior living and care. Readers can count on the McKnight’s Business Daily e-newsletter for actionable information that informs facilities’ and communities’ decision-making.

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McKnight’s Senior Living and sister publication McKnight’s Long-Term Care News launched the McKnight’s Clinical Daily to bring senior living and skilled nursing professionals timely news of clinical developments affecting care and services for older adults. Every weekday, subscribers learn about new medicines, treatments, caregiving innovations, technology and more.

Content for the Clinical Daily e-newsletter resides on the website of sister media brand McKnight’s Long-Term Care News. To subscribe, visit, navigate to the Newsletters box in the right column, check the box for the McKnight’s Clinical Daily, enter your email address and click the red “Sign Up” button.

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The McKnight’s Senior Living Snapshot emails enable industry leaders to share insights on how their products and services may benefit McKnight’s Senior Living readers.

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