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 » Healthcare notches data breach records 

The healthcare sector set records for the level of costs and recovery times following data breaches for the 12th consecutive year, according to IBM. The industry as a whole has the longest breach cycle of any industry, according to the firm’s “X-Force Cost of a Data Breach” report. Providers average 11 months to identify and contain security incidents, with average costs exceeding $10 million, up 9.4% from 2021, according to IBM. 

» NY rolls out robot companions for seniors 

A tabletop robot designed specifically for older adults is making its way into the homes of 800 older adults, including some in congregate settings. The NY Office for the Aging partnered with Intuition Robotics to place artificial intelligence-powered robotic companions that communicate with older adults in a way similar to Amazon’s Alexa. It can empathize with humans and respond to voice and body movements, according to the company. The technology could offer relaxation cues, physical exercises, nutrition conversations and medication reminders. 

» Netsmart adds Zimmet’s CORE Analytics 

Netsmart added Zimmet Healthcare’s CORE Analytics claims data solution to its suite of electronic health records and related service offerings in early August. Netsmart said the integration made its solutions the only in the market capable of calculating quality measures and Five-Star ratings leveraging Minimum Data Set, Payroll-Based Journaling and UB-04 claims data. 

Netsmart provides technology and services to more than 50% of US long-term care facilities. 

The CORE solutions includes CORE Reimbursement, which identifies Patient-Driven Payment Model revenue opportunities; Value-Based Post- Acute eXchange, VPAX, which measures clinical and financial outcomes to partners; and Medicare Advantage Post-Acute eXchange, MAPAX, which quantifies clinical and financial performance. 

“We can expand the capabilities of our comprehensive tools to unite the clinical, claims and staffing data to provide a holistic view of an organization. Our clients will be able to rely on the same tools and support they’ve come to expect, with the ability to leverage solutions across the Netsmart CareFabric platform,” Zimmet Healthcare President and CEO Marc Zimmet said.