Old woman enjoying virtual reality simulator
(Credit: RGStudio / Getty Images)

In an effort to serve more residents, Leisure Care is expanding its use of virtual reality technology to 24 of its communities nationwide.

Since 2020, Leisure Care has integrated Rendever’s VR platform to provide residents – particularly those with cognitive impairments – with engaging and enriching experiences.

This initiative has proven to be largely popular. For example, residents at the Rochester, NY, location have enjoyed virtual journeys, such as summiting Mount Everest, exploring exotic locales like Hawaii and Alaska, and interacting with animals. Beyond their entertainment value, these activities have helped residents recall cherished memories.

“This expansion is a natural next step to build upon the momentum of our partnership, and we’re excited to bring the same opportunities to our other communities,” said Clint Fowler, Leisure Care’s director of resident services.

The decision to expand the VR program follows a federally-funded clinical trial that demonstrated the platform’s effectiveness in reducing feelings of social isolation and caregiver burdens.

 “As we partner with Leisure Care in this incredible expansion, we look forward to seeing an even brighter future for older adults,” said David Stoller, vice president of partner success at Rendever.

Leisure Care’s expanded rollout will include communities in Western states such as California, Colorado, Idaho, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, and Washington, as well as in Eastern states that include Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York.

VR is becoming a game changer at many senior living and long-term care communities. By offering  immersive experiences, VR has shown early promise in  alleviating loneliness, stimulating cognitive function, and encouraging gentle physical activity, to name but a few benefits. By bringing the outside world into these communities, VR enriches lives, fosters engagement, and supports holistic care for seniors, its supporters claim.