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McKnight’s Senior Living has captured a Grand Award and an Award of Excellence in the 2023 Awards for Publication Excellence program. Winners were announced this week.

The editorial and art staff of the media brand captured the Grand Award, the highest award bestowed in the contest, in the Best Magazines, Journals and Tabloids category, for the brand’s bimonthly print magazine.

“As we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the launch of the McKnight’s Senior Living print magazine, it’s fitting that the publication once again has been recognized for the outstanding efforts of our staff and contributors,” McKnight’s Editorial Director and Associate Publisher John O’Connor said. 

Members of the editorial team include O’Connor, McKnight’s Senior Living Editor Lois A. Bowers and McKnight’s Senior Living Content Editor Kimberly Bonivssuto. The current art team includes McKnight’s Senior Art Director Monica Pizzi and Graphic Designer Aminah Beg. Other regular editorial contributors to the McKnight’s Senior Living print magazine are writers Kathleen Steele Gaivin, Amy Novotney and John Hall. Mark Speakman was art director for part of 2022.

Additionally, Bowers won an Award of Excellence in the Best Series of Blog Posts category, for a pair of blogs that featured Christian Living Communities President and CEO Jill Vitale-Aussem and former Sonida Senior Living President and CEO Kimberly Lody discussing their decisions to grow out their gray hair:

  • “Giving gray hair the green light” was published Sept. 6, 2022. People such as Vitale-Aussem and Lody, Bowers wrote, “will help gradually chip away at stereotypes, preconceptions and misconceptions related to aging so that one day, society and all types of organizations can realize the benefits of welcoming a diverse group of people — including, among other qualities, people of all ages, levels of experience and genders — and hair colors. In an industry such as senior living, where a majority of workers, residents and family member decision-makers are women, it’s also good business sense.”
  • “Deciding whether to ditch the dye? Leaders share do’s for your ’do” was published Sept. 12, 2022. “As more women like Lody and Vitale-Aussem choose to uncover their real hair color, they will help strip away the fears of ageism at the root of many hair-dyeing decisions,” Bowers wrote.

The 35th annual APEX Awards, sponsored by Communications Concepts, garnered more than 1,100 entries from around the world. The awards recognize “excellence in graphic design, editorial content, and the ability to achieve overall communications excellence.” Organizers said that this year’s competition was “exceptionally intense.” Work completed during 2022 was eligible for recognition.

McKnight’s Senior Living has won a total of 24 APEX Awards since 2016, after the name of the former McKnight’s Assisted Living was changed and the brand expanded to include a website, e-newsletter and social media in addition to the existing print magazine, which has been published since 2003.

So far in 2023, McKnight’s Senior Living has earned a total of 14 awards in various competitions.

McKnight’s Senior Living’s sister media brands, McKnight’s Long-Term Care News and McKnight’s Home Care, also were recognized in the 2023 APEX Awards program.

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