Overworked, sad, tired, female healthcare worker sitting on the floor of a hospital corridor
(Credit: Juanmonino / Getty Images)

Healthcare workers are worried about finances, and it’s affecting their health, according to the results of a recent poll conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of IntelyCare and DailyPay.

Harris queried 2,000 Americans on their personal financial situations. Of the more than 200 healthcare workers that responded, almost 68% indicated that it is stressful to manage their finances, compared with 56% for the general population.

More than half (52%) of the responding healthcare workers said that they feel less confident about their personal financial situations now compared with a year ago, and they’re worried about what the future holds. Looking ahead to the next six months, 79% said they are concerned about the economic factors such as inflation and recession. They also reported being worried most about paying the rent or mortgage.

Healthcare workers reported that stress about their personal financial situations has had a negative effect on their sleep (64%), mental health (59%), self-esteem (56%), physical health (53%) and relationships at home (53%). A majority (71%) of those respondents, however, said that their employers care about their mental and physical health, and the same percentage said that their employers give them the flexibility they need to manage their personal life during work hours. Fifty-eight percent of participating healthcare workers, however, said that they would be willing to reduce their paychecks for more flexible working hours.

“With the ongoing healthcare labor shortages plaguing this country, it’s very disheartening to see that so many of those who remain are struggling,” David Coppins, co-founder and CEO of IntelyCare, said in a statement.