Detail Of Senior Woman Sitting On Stair Lift At Home To Help Mobility
(photo credit: Daisy-Daisy/Getty Images)

New Perspective Senior Living has unveiled plans to bolster its investment in the SafelyYou system, as part of a company-wide effort to better detect and prevent resident falls.

“We believe it will be a game-changer, driving operational efficiency, improved care quality, and staffing optimization,” said Chris Hyatt, co-CEO of New Perspective.

SafelyYou specializes in fall detection and prevention for memory care communities. The system consists of wall-mounted cameras in residents’ bedrooms, along with advanced artificial intelligence algorithms. The latter helps identify falls by analyzing video footage. Notably, the system operates without the need for additional sensors or any actions from residents or caregivers, such as wearing a pendant.

When a fall is detected, the system notifies staff and provides them with access to the corresponding video footage. This enables a comprehensive understanding of the incident. This feature helps mitigate unnecessary emergency room visits and helps identify  and address potential risk factors that might contribute to falls.

“Being able to see and understand how falls occur and accurately assess them is critical to getting residents the care they need,” said SafelyYou founder and CEO George Netscher.

Founded in 1998, New Perspective is a family-owned company that develops, owns and operates 40 senior living communities in Minnesota, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Missouri.

New Perspective also recently announced it will use more than $200 million in bridge loans, preferred equity and common equity from BMO, Fengate and Boldt to buy and finance six senior living communities with more than 800 total units. 

“The deal is a significant first step in the broader programmatic relationship with these partners to pursue $500 million in future acquisitions and developments,” New Perspective co-CEO Ryan Novaczyk said.

“This is the fuel we needed to light the rocket,” he added. “When my father began our family-owned company in 1998, he set out to transform senior care by helping older adults live life on purpose. Over the last two decades, we’ve turned that idea into a best-in-class model for senior care and one that is poised for continued growth.”