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Consistently delivering relevant content not only builds brand awareness but also creates relationships and drives actions leading to sales and revenue in the senior living field, according to two Love & Co. representatives who spoke at a Wednesday webinar. Technology plays a central role in this process. 

Lexi McDaniel, a content marketing strategist, emphasized that utilizing technology to gather and analyze data about prospective residents’ journeys can significantly enhance these relationships.

Senior Creative Director Jason Miller stressed that the journey to finding a senior living community is complex, involving emotional, financial, and logistical considerations. Technology enables communities to map out this journey, identifying critical touchpoints and creating targeted content to address specific concerns and questions at each stage.

A robust marketing strategy begins with a strong digital foundation, they noted. Establishing a distinct brand personality and online presence through paid advertising and content marketing nurtures relationships over time. Technology plays a crucial role in this process, allowing for the creation and dissemination of various content types, including:

  • Evergreen content: Long-lasting educational and informational resources.
  • Topical content: Information centered around current trends.
  • Branded content: Materials designed to build trust and brand engagement.
  • User-generated content: Authentic content created by residents or staff.
  • Curated content: Quality content collected and shared from various sources.

Miller advocated for a culture of experimentation, using technology to test and refine marketing approaches. Regularly reviewing performance metrics such as email subject lines, website layouts, visual content, calls to action, and posting times can provide valuable insights into what resonates with the audience. Technology allows for the collection and analysis of this data, helping marketers make informed decisions and continuously improve their strategies.

McDaniel and Miller advised using language and terms that align with how people search online. They also stressed the importance of discarding ageist stereotypes about older adults and technology. Today’s older generations are increasingly tech-savvy, using digital tools to research and communicate about senior living options.

Miller noted that as expectations for digital engagement rise, driven by experiences with other brands, senior living communities must elevate their digital marketing efforts to meet these standards. Technology helps enable the creation of quality content — and ensures that this content reaches the right audience at the right time.