Slideshow: Remaining safe with renovation all around

  • Setting up areas of construction that are fenced off, secure and only accessible by trained construction personnel is a critical component of any safety management plan for renovations at a senior living community.

  • Regular communication between construction personnel and the facility’s key leaders is vital to coordinating schedules, avoiding disruptions in residents’ and staff members’ daily activities, and ensuring a safe renovation project.

  • Directing renovations without disturbing residents’ daily activities — while keeping them safe — demands precision and teamwork. This is especially critical when work needs to occur next to often-used common areas.

  • Ensuring a successful and safe renovation or expansion project requires a comprehensive safety management plan as well as constant communication and teamwork between construction personnel and the facility’s key staff members and leaders. The end result makes it worth it.

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Renovating a senior living community while simultaneously safely providing services for and caring for the residents who live there can be a challenge. By concentrating on communication, coordination and teamwork, you can meet your services goals and facility objectives, keeping residents, staff and visitors safe while enhancing their physical environment.

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