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Home care briefs for Tuesday, Sept. 29

State occupational health body recommends interventions for home health workers to address pain management, reduce opioid misuse … Pilot offers telehealth, internet to low-income elders to inform key expansion of telemedicine … Anxious, moody older adults are vulnerable to worse cognitive function … In-home patients adhere to activity-based interventions for neurologically impaired upper extremities, but technology and dosing vary.


More news for Thursday, Sept. 12

Oct. 7 is deadline to comment on U.S. Preventive Services Task Force draft statement on cognitive screening … ‘Revolutionary’ $53 million grant to fund 40 pilots to improve direct Alzheimer’s care … Mediterranean diet linked to lower cognitive decline in U.S. seniors


More news for Thursday, June 20

Excessive napping linked to cognitive decline in older men … Florida gives the green light to fully autonomous vehicles … Ziegler Link•Age Fund II invests in K4Connect

Alzheimer’s vaccine shows promise in study

A vaccine developed by University of New Mexico researchers has shown promise in preventing the formation of the tau tangles in the brain and someday potentially could prevent the cognitive decline typically seen in people with Alzheimer’s disease, they said.

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