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Inside Senior Living 2019: Eldermark

PARTNER CONTENT: Eldermark SVP Mark Anderson shares how the company’s expertise and platform help support the entire senior living operation with the right workflow and software configuration.

Inside Senior Living 2019: PointClickCare

PARTNER CONTENT: Enriching the experience of both senior living residents and housing staff is no easy task. The answer, reflect PointClickCare’s Dave Wessinger and Travis Palmquist, is empowering employees with tools that make them more productive and efficient – allowing them to spend more time with residents.

Inside Senior Living 2019: Jobalign

PARTNER CONTENT: For senior housing operators, the number one challenge is often recruiting staff. At Argentum in April, Doug Johnson, CEO of Jobalign, explained how the right technology can attract, engage and connect with today’s jobseeker to accelerate the hiring process.

Inside Senior Living 2019: CarePredict

PARTNER CONTENT: Can AI augment caregivers at senior living communities? Taking time off from the show floor at Argentum, Gerald “Jerry” Wilmink, Ph.D., shares how CarePredict’s wearable device is facilitating personalized, proactive caregiving in senior living, resulting in fewer hospitalizations and faster staff response rates.

Inside Senior Living 2019: Health Dimensions Group

PARTNER CONTENT: Health Dimensions Group’s Cindy Olson, VP, strategic consulting services and Colin Higgins, director, analytics and research, sit down with Lois Bowers of McKnight’s Senior Living to discuss how the senior living industry is changing – and why clinical expertise is more important than ever.

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