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Concerns over skilled nursing REITs ‘overblown’: Mizuho

The qualified audits of skilled nursing operators Genesis Healthcare and Signature Healthcare have raised concern about the sector among some investors. But one investment banking firm is predicting strong third-quarter earnings for skilled nursing focused real estate investment trusts such as Omega Healthcare Investors and Sabra Health Care REIT. That’s according to an analysis in this week.

‘Going concern’ doubts raised by Genesis, Signature prompt write-down by Omega, potential write-off by Sabra

Omega Healthcare Investors announced Thursday that it will move to a cash-basis accounting method for tenants Genesis Healthcare and Agemo Holdings LLC (f/k/a Signature Healthcare). The move comes as Omega was informed by the two firms of doubt regarding their ability to continue as a “going concern” in relation to the uncertainty around future cash flows caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Motley Fool: Omega’s SNF-focused portfolio may buffer it from pandemic fallout — or will it?

Historically, investors have often viewed independent and assisted living communities — most often paid for out-of-pocket by residents — as safer bets than skilled nursing facilities, which generally are paid for via government programs such as Medicare and Medicaid. So they encouraged operators in their senior housing portfolios to engage in efforts to attract private-pay residents. The COVID-19 pandemic may be turning that assumption on its head, according to an article published Thursday by The Motley Fool. This could be good news SNF-focused real estate investment trust Omega Healthcare Investors.

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Omega Healthcare Investors on a roll

As the biggest SNF-focused real estate investment trust (REIT), Omega Healthcare Investors appears to be on an upward financial trajectory, according to a February investor presentation. As reported by Seeking Alpha, the company has had a steady track record with compound annual growth of 15.2% and a yearly dividend increase pegged at 9.3% from 2003 to 2020. It’s also now positioned near its all-time high stock price and is a strong contender for continued share price growth.

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