February 2015 Issue of McKnight's Senior Living

February 2015 Issue of McKnight's Senior Living

February 2015

Resident Safety

More payoffs from social networking

Residents in senior living settings experienced multiple cognitive and emotional benefits from being trained in how to use social media, according to findings from a ...


Feeling warm all over

Bath time should be a pleasurable activity residents look forward to; with the right elements, communities can create an inviting experience

Staying connected

Residents with Alzheimer's disease and other memory-related challenges deserve enriching activities and options. Senior living veterans offer ideas that can help

Playing catch up

Senior housing facilities are 'evolving' with regard to information technology. Professionals in the industry need to define vision, scope and purpose for the present and ...

Design Decisions

Knockout punch

For decades, visitors to The Alverno in Clinton, IA, were greeted by a giant brick wall running across the front — not the most welcoming ...

Tech Talk

Mixed results seen for brain training

Computer-based "brain training" systems can help memory and thinking skills among seniors, but they do not have an impact on problem solving or impulse control, ...

Editor's Column

A matter of life -- and death

Terminal residents present a unique caregiving challenge.


Finding opportunity while raising pay

It remains to be seen how senior living will be affected by new pressures to raise minimum wages.

Alzheimer's Outreach

Drug combo may rase dementia risk

People with atrial fibrillation may face a higher risk for dementia if they are subjected to a drug combination for a prolonged period, researchers have ...

In Focus

June 20

107 years young

Chambersburg, PA 

Irene Rebok, a resident of Magnolias of Chambersburg, will celebrate her 107th birthday with a visit from a state representative and a "card shower."